Ohio Coalition for Healthy Communities

The 20 member organizations of the Coalition for Healthy Communities include agencies that advocate for, abortion or provide direct services for Ohioans with mental illness or addiction disorders. Annually, more than 300,000 Ohioans with mental illness and 100,000 Ohioans with addiction disorders need our services.  Thousands more are on waiting lists or do not receive services at all.

The Coalition for Healthy Communities reminds policy makers that Ohioans from all walks of life need mental health and addiction services.  This includes Ohio National Guard troops, military personnel, their families, people in urban and rural settings, children, adults, and senior citizens, families, and workers who find themselves laid off and without employment.

Treatment works, people recover

A diagnosis of a mental illness or addiction disorder is not what it used to be.  Modern research and discovery into the causes of mental illness and addiction disorders have led to more effective treatments. Today, these illnesses are as treatable as other chronic conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and asthma.  In fact, in some cases, treatment success and recovery rates are higher for people with mental illness, than for other chronic conditions.

Behavioral Health Funding

Funding for the community-based behavioral health system in Ohio has been a roller coaster ride over the past decade. The community-based behavioral health system is funded through a combination of state funding, federal funding, and local funding from ADAMH Board levies.

Behavioral Health Services in Ohio

Good health isn’t just about a strong body. A healthy brain is every bit as essential. Ohioans with mental illnesses and addictive disorders are challenged at work, at home and at school. If they have access to treatment, life can be more productive and full. Without treatment, we see employers lose productivity and families lose loved ones. Our rates of suicide, incarceration, and disability go up. Two of every three Ohioans say they are impacted by a friend or family member with a mental illness or addiction problem. The Coalition for Healthy Communities will continue to advocate for access to the best treatment services and recovery supports for individuals, families, and communities.

Come Join the Campaign: Behavioral Health Care IS Health Care

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