Statement on Ohio’s Marijuana Laws

Statement on Possible Changes to Ohio’s Marijuana Laws

The Coalition for Healthy Communities urges members of the Ohio General Assembly and the voting public to ensure that any action they take reflects the harm resulting from the use of marijuana on individuals and society in general during the ongoing debate to change Ohio’s marijuana laws.

Scientific evidence tells us that marijuana use results in cognitive impairment i ii and changes in brain structure and function iii iv; increased risk of psychosis v; acceleration of the development of schizophrenic symptoms vi; exacerbation of anxiety and depression vii; greater numbers of traffic accidents resulting from drugged driving viii ix; and an increased likelihood of using other illicit substances — the so-called “gateway phenomenon” x xi xii.

The Coalition for Healthy Communities is a statewide collaboration of organizations advocating for improved access to quality mental health and substance use treatment and support services. For additional information regarding the Coalition and to view individual organization’s statements related to possible changes to Ohio’s marijuana laws, online please see the links below.

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