Vision & Values


Advocating for Quality Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services


Ohio will have healthy communities by ensuring that all Ohioans have knowledge of and timely access to effective, buy information pills efficient, clinically necessary mental health and substance abuse prevention and treatment services.


1. Consumers, their families, and citizen advocates must be an integral part of the policy process affecting the health care marketplace.

2. Consumers and/or their families must be key participants in decisions about their own health care.

3. Health care reform/restructuring must be focused primarily on consumers, not regulators, payers or providers.

4. Prevention, education and treatment services will promote health and wellness, and children and adults who are most disabled or at risk will receive service priority.

5. Systems and services must reflect and be sensitive to cultural diversity.

6. High quality behavioral health services must be guided by and focus on performance standards, measurable outcomes and customer satisfaction for consumers, payers and other constituents.  All elements of this new environment must be publicly accountable to the individuals and communities they are intended to serve.

7. All individuals should have access to comprehensive health care, including behavioral health care, based on clinical need, not arbitrary limits or a narrow definition of medical necessity.

8. Health care regulators, payers and providers must be committed to appropriate levels of resource use and reinvestment in services and communities which maintain the public trust.

9. Grievance and appeal mechanisms must be readily available to consumers and providers.

10. Wellness and treatment services for children shall be accessible and well-integrated with the other systems serving children.

11.  Auxiliary services such as transportation, housing and employment must be part of the service array.

12.  Special populations including, but not limited to, older adults, veterans, and persons with dual diagnosis should have complete access to a well-integrated service system.

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